Whiskeyjack Paddles Whiskey Jill - Wood Paddle - Canoe

Whiskeyjack Paddles Whiskey Jill - Wood Paddle - Canoe

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Product Information Specs

The Whiskey Jill - All Wood Canoe Paddle

The Whiskey Jill is an incredible canoe paddle, designed specifically for female paddlers.

The Jill has a smaller grip and skinnier blade that is easy to hold and easy to pull through the water.

This canoe paddle is super light, weighing a mere 16oz. and features an ultra-tough blade that is fiberglass and epoxy reinforced with an epoxy blade guard.

Enjoy the warmth, flex and beauty of wooden canoe paddles. Individually handcrafted from Red and White Cedar.

This one's for the ladies. But fellas, if the specs seem right, by all means purchase one. We'll change the tag from "Whiskey Jill" to "Whiskey Bill" with a sharpie...