Powerex Mast RDM 100 - Windsurfing<br />

Powerex Mast RDM 100 - Windsurfing

£439.00 Our Ref No : 6835
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Product Information Specs

Powerex Masts RDM - 100% Pre-Preg. Carbon

Lighter, Stronger, more Performance.

We can use lot of adjectives to describe our RDM 100, but really, we can only say that this is the highest performing RDM mast on the market!

The mast has a real 100% carbon content powered by the latest Japanese pre-preg. carbon technology. This mast has been particularly engineered to fit the latest Freestyle Sails, the higher carbon content will help you get planning earlier and reduces the 'swing mass' through every maneuver.

Our exclusive 'Carbon & Polymer Shield', to help avoid overstressing from the boom clamp, protects the boom area.

This mast has the 'Pre Preg.'/Autoclave consistency of production quality, normally found only in Aerospace Industry - this is available to very few companies, and involves curing the carbon under elevated temperatures and pressure, literally driving tiny air bubbles that cause imperfections out of the mast and ensuring perfect conditions for optimum resin strength and bond, dramatically reducing the likely hood of the mast bend 'creeping' in hot sunshine while rigged on the beach.

The RDM 100 line has the Powerex exclusive process of the Aero Sanding Joint where the joint is sanded by air-pressure to ensure that the joint is ground to match all the surfaces with each other for optimum fit and strength.

The entire design and production process ensures that each Powerex Mast has the perfect mix of conical and cylindrical geometry to ensure full power and the optimum reflex characteristics are delivered throughout the range of the sails tuning range.

Exclusive features of the Powerex RDM 100 Mast Line:
- JAP Pre-preg. carbon Fiber
- PROTECTED Carbon-Polymer Boom area