AHD Zen Windsurf Board - Full EVA deck - Dagger Board

AHD Zen Windsurf Board - Full EVA deck - Dagger Board

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Year after year the A-H-D Zen has substantially surpassed the requirements and expectations of many sailing-schools and families/beginners all over the world, as well as having stood up to the challenge of durability thrown down by its plastic forerunners in a sector notoriously demanding on build quality as well as friendly and communicative handling.

The Zen range has the added advantage off offering a well planned progression from the very stable - yet planing - 230 to the true free-ride 170, and its zest of performance and smooth gybes, through the 190, on which the aspiring rider will soon start revel in the communication offered by even small changes of their feet placing and pressure.

These school and family boards are aimed at getting you surfing on your own within a few hours, without forgetting that you must enjoy sailing in light winds to quickly develop the skills needed to enjoy sailing in the straps with bigger sails.

The Zen Family of boards are designed to help you have fun at every stage, as it is pointless sailing something which is constantly wrong-footing you, when what you need is a friendly companion, that very quickly offers great gliding sensations due to their good speed in moderate winds.

The 170 Zen is at heart, a Fast Forward 160 from our Freeride range, so makes an ideal choice for experienced parents (or lighter beginners) with young children, as it works beautifully for the kids with small junior rigs, while offering the adults superb planing performance in force 3 to 5 winds, with rigs from 8.5m down to 6m.

Our Zen range groups together 3 different shapes, which follow an evolution from beginners-tuition to a true fast free-ride sailing.

Their volume distribution has been carefully developed, and the scoop lines we use, will guarantee smooth accelerations to maintain stability and comfort for the beginner.

Our 3 Zen's have a full EVA deck, both comfortable and reassuring for kids and older beginners, their centre-boards are all fully retractable.

" Scoop line: progressive, ideally designed for getting smoothly into a plane without that disrupting on/off effect, and for optimal gliding at slow speeds.
" Outline: Long and harmonious for more stability, more lift and more forgiveness.
" Double concave bottom (on Zen's 170 and 190: the higher the speed, the lower will the wetted area will be, so your Zen board will be gliding booth quickly and effortlessly. The 230 has a stepped bottom for best directional stability from a short hull length, as well as faster planing.
" Deck: full EVA, soft and comfortable.
" Dagger-board: fully retractable