AHD Sealion WINGS CARBON - Windsurf - Windfoil - SUP - SUPfoil

AHD Sealion WINGS CARBON - Windsurf - Windfoil - SUP - SUPfoil

£1579.00 Our Ref No : 7993
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Sealion Wings



Some might say the SeaLion concept had nothing to prove anymore!

Stand Up Paddle and Windsurf - it was after all, already the ultimate Wind - Sup range!

To push it even further and try a new experience, we chose to add our AHD foil onto it.

Several prototypes later and after some serious work on the hull bottom and the perfect Carbon construction, the 'SeaLion Wings' was born.

This is a whole new universe of experiences that is going to open up before you, with just one single board - light wind wave riding, classical free ride, stand up paddle surf, foil wind surfing on flat water, stand up paddle foiling on waves. No more limits for you with this do-it-all board!

In the surf this is the most explosive of the SeaLions, the faster one on flat water and … in the air: the only one!

Welcome into another dimension!


When developing the SeaLion Wings, we were looking to both improve on the surfing performance of the SeaLion PRO and optimize gliding capabilities with a foil.

Rails have been sharpened, thickness reduced and a large concave added between the twin fins.

This is a more reactive board which surfs really close to the wave trough. We also increased the nose scoop to make it a more tolerant board when surfing in the wave trough.

" Swallow Tail
" Concave tail between the fins
" Sharpened rails at the tail
" Full carbon construction
" AHD Foil box with removable blanking plate

" Manoeuvrability 100%
" Speed 80%
" Planning 70%
" Accessibility 50%