AHD Freewave R Windsurf Board

AHD Freewave R Windsurf Board

£1249.00 Our Ref No : 7116
Size: 93 lt
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These are the New additions to the now legendary 'Rebound' range, released after comprehensively re working construction and reinforcements, when we proved again that we simply could not make big changes to improve these shapes, so have gone for more evolutionary tweaks, which of course also perfectly complements the former Concept-Wave feel in the Freewave range!

We have of course, brought these together with latest Freerace range, successfully creating a comprehensive range to cover 3 disciplines, all offering easy access, strong performance and rider pleasure, but at a medium price!

New graphics still reflect the historic 'A-H-D Blue ranges' being for so many, our familiar 'hallmark' giving confidence to riders over the years constantly seeking outstanding design, performance and construction, with consistently reasonable prices - Meeting these high expectations continues to be our mission across the entire 10 board quiver in the AHD 'Free' Range, meaning most of you could pick one board from each range (based on your weight) to cover your entire range of sailing conditions! - Freeride/Slalom - Bump and Jump playtime - Waves.

Frequently compared to the 'Swiss Army Knife' for versatility by the many happy owners around the world, the Rebounds virtues in Freeride, Bump & Jump and small wave riding continue just as before, so are the real forte of the "R" series, excelling in that glorious Windsurfing zone from Force 4, well into Force 6 or more!


Our Freewave "R" series boards, shine in every condition and any sailing program.
Their shapes are the most versatile of the AHD range, and will adapt to any windsurfing session.


Our Freewave "R" series share the same philosophy as our successful earlier generation Rebounds: Our 4 harmonious and balanced shapes really optimise both performance, and enjoyable sailing in typical North Atlantic and Mediterranean conditions, and are as before, aimed at riders of all levels seeking the most fun they can get from the minimum quiver.

Some critical parameters influencing the board behaviour have been modified though, to make the Freewave "R" more dynamic and livelier, while leaving their friendliness unchanged.

Their tail, notably, is narrower evolving into a "round pin", giving us a truly evolutionary free-wave range, where each volume is beautifully fine-tuned for its wind and sea range.


o Scoop line: first rockered then flatter further aft, it guarantees an excellent speed.
o Tail kick: to enhance the reactivity to your aft-foot pressure in the surfs.
o Compact outline: early planing, manoeuvrability, liveliness, control, extended sailing range
o Balanced outline: forgiveness, early planing
o Rails: quite voluminous and tucked under forward to enhance manoeuvrability and forgiveness.
o Double concave bottom: will boost the acceleration by straightening the scoop line.