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The Free Race AHD range is for speed and high performance addicts, but those who want a slightly less physical ride than pure slalom boards deliver.

The Free Race boards are more comfortable and a little easier to gybe than a full slalom like the SL2 Series, but do not ignore the early planning and top speed which are so important to every rider seeking performance Windsurfing.

The balance we aimed for was one to two notches back from the "11" which we dialled into the speed control of the SL2 Series!

With our years of involvement with legendary events like the Défi Wind (with 800 or more sailors taking part) , we know how challenging a 'full on Slalom Board' can be to the fitness of even good national sailors, so in designing and developing the Free Slalom range, we worked hard on the fluidity of control for the rider, taking tips from our smooth but still very rapid Fast Forward series.

The resultant shapes are noticeably smoother and more comfortable over long distance than a Full Slalom, making them especially suitable for locations where you want speed, but the water is not as smooth as would be ideal

these shape changes were combined with our "Stringer Deck" system (created for our slalom boards) to lift the performance very close to the SL2 - Indeed, especially with our Free Race Carbon range introduced fully for 2016, over distance in less than perfect conditions, the weekend racer/recreational sailor will often be faster than if they were on a 'full slalom board' - It all comes down to controllable effortless speed and resultant rider comfort.

The double concave bottom ensures the performance turns on quickly and maintains through gusts and lulls. The 'V' in the front and rear gives the perfect match to the rocker to ensure fluid transitions, with excellent tolerance in the Gybe, and more comfort in choppy seas. The Sharp rails on the rear of the hull ensure an explosive acceleration and real pace in the glide!

Supplied with Fin, 4 x Straps with screws and anti twist plates

Manoeuvrability 75%
Speed 95%
Planning 95%
Accessibility 70%