AHD Fast Forward - Freeride Windsurfing Boards

AHD Fast Forward - Freeride Windsurfing Boards

£849.00 Our Ref No : 7317
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The AHD Fast Forwards are dedicated free ride boards and the key to your windsurfing fun: their shape is helping you do all you want to achieve.

Make your sailboarding jump fast forward thanks to these easy and forgiving boards, they shall not hamper your wish to progress in a wide range of conditions.

Fast and easy to ride, they'll allow you feeling comfortable and progressing at your own rhythm, without depriving you of these sensations which make windsurfing such a magic sport.

All parameters needed for you to progress have been incorporated in shapes which have the ability to work well and adapt to the rider: on a harmonious outline, a large double concave will trigger easy accelerations, thanks to the lateral flats and the rounded and voluminous rails, which stabilize the board.
The OSS epoxy-glass sandwich construction guarantees a perfect compromise between comfort, strength and lightness.
" Scoop: straightened and rockered forward
" Outline: moderately compact and balanced
" Rails: rounded and voluminous
" Hull bottom: single concave forward, double concave aft